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Twenty one poems

Autor(a): Félix Ángel
ISBN: 978-958-5463-23-3

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Preface to Twenty-one Poems

In the poem “Indifference” one finds Felix Angel tracing his words overthe flesh which covers many of the twenty-one poems in this collection.There is a quiet nakedness that can be found inside desire. Lonelinessis known to inhabit cities. A bar can be crowded with people waiting for someone else. ‘The city is lonely and silent’ writes Angel. In his work we find a longing to be loved. To be in love means to remember the fragrance of memories; a hand moving across a bed removing the wrinkles from where two people once slept. What is departure but the measurementof separation.

This small book is one of self-examination. Angel lays bare the heart.He is willing to believe in honesty after deception and despair. He knows relationships can be difficult as well as dull, which is why we look to nature to seduce us into believing. Angel believes in spring and hope. His words are always reaching out to the beloved.

A shared dinner is placed upon the tablecloth of friendship. There is momentary laughter hidden among these twenty-one poems. At the end of the day, before night falls we wonder if happiness will visit Felix Angel again. The reader will not want to leave this writer alone.

E. Ethelbert Miller

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Septiembre de 2019


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